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ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control

Don’t get lost in the city noise, play your own melody with ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control. This speaker as all Urban harmony products features both convenient design and innovative decisions. First, it has super easy control with only one button: press once – music starts to play; press again – stops; turn around – regulate the sound; etc. Moreover, Bluetooth connection allows easy wireless pairing with enabled devices and thanks to an audio output works as Bluetooth receiver – upgrades current wired speakers to wireless ones. Plus, the speaker is portable, lightweight; has a special knotted rope for attachment. Battery lasts very long – up to 8 hours. And even though you enjoy living in a busy city, everyone needs a break from time to time to maintain the balance of life. In such a case it has a function too – is splash-proof for a walks in the rain to restore the harmony... The ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control – hang it upside down!
€13.99 incl tax

Mediatech Cobra PRO MT1117

€4.99 incl tax

Gembird HDMI to VGA Cable(A-HDMI-VGA-03)

Compact HDMI to VGA converter cable Converts digital HDMI input into analog VGA output + 3.5 mm audio Up to 1920x1080@60Hz high bandwidth support, HDMI v.1.4 compliant Output video resolution remains the same as input video resolution
€9.99 incl tax

Spire 120x120x25mm Fan

€4.99 incl tax

B-Move 2.0 B-Blast Blue

High quality sound with cristal clear sound to fill your great moments with your favorite music. Perfect for any system and environment.
€12.99 incl tax


€35.99 incl tax

TapeCom Gold Plated HDMI 1.4 BC 1.5m

TapeCom Gold Plated HDMI 1.4 BC 1.5m
€6.99 incl tax

Google Chromecast 2 Digital multimedia receiver HDMI

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